“No one said that being a father is an easy task, just as there is no manual to educate today’s children.”


My name is María Teresa Vergara Ruiz, better known as “Ms. Tere. ” I am a psychologist graduated from the University of La Sabana in Bogotá. Since 2016 I have had the opportunity to be a teacher of English and Mathematics at the Altamira International School, in the Pre-Kindergarten grade level; educating children between 4 and 5 years of age. It is this age-range that undoubtedly fills me with energy and life. Being able to treat innocent children, with the ability to create, enjoy, laugh, play, propose, risk and try, make my workdays unforgettable and at the same time invite me to challenge myself to be a better professional.

Over the years, I have met wonderful children, as well as extraordinary parents committed to the hard work of homeschooling. However, they ask me very often:


Ms. Tere

  1. How do I educate my child that I feel “rebellious”?
  2. Could it be that I’m doing it right?
  3. How can you help me be a better father or better mother?
  4. What should I do to help my child?


How do you take care of so many kids when sometime I feel overwhelmed with only one in the house… Among others!

Now, times change! Unfortunately we cannot pretend to educate our children in the same way that many of us were educated. We are in the 21st century, time in which children can show challenging, demanding, authoritative behavior that requires an adult present to guide them through the right path.

Through the Children’s Psychopedagogy, I look for daily strategies to face the challenges that the classroom presents to me. As which? Children with disruptive behaviors, attentional difficulties, lack of affection, no limits, lack of habits and routines, low tolerance to frustration, verbal or physical impulsivity, little personal care, and dissatisfaction of basic needs. Parallel to this, work hand in hand with the “game”. That is, to convince parents about the importance and power of the game, as a basic element in the child’s life. This is necessary for their emotional, sensory, mental, affective and cognitive physical development, awakens not only creativity, but also forms in habits and values.

Currently, I manage an account on the social network Instagram, where I share the experiences inside and outside the classroom with the community, in order to select the material that is most useful to them and then be able to put them into practice. This account is named @mindandsoul_4kids, under the theme “Healthy Parenting, Happy Childhood”.


Why MIND and SOUL?

To begin, I confess that it was not a simple task to think and choose a striking name that encompassed both the concept and the content with which I aspire to benefit and impact various parents, children and teachers.

On one side, I considered the presence of a HEART necessary because for me what distinguishes human beings from other living beings is their emotional intelligence (EI) and how much it can influence their lives. In the same order of ideas, then I thought of the MIND, which in turn plays a fundamental role in the roles and functions of each individual; especially those who are in the process of an integral formation such as children.

In many situations, I have had the opportunity to observe and interact with fathers and mothers who every day go out of their way to look for the “best” for their sons and daughters. However, they end up being victims of the traditional phrases: “If my child does not do anything besides going to school, I will fall behind in other processes” or “If my child does more, it is better” .

Today, I often observe children subjected to high academic loads, responsibilities at home (homework), content activities outside the institution (Kumón, tutoring, support therapies, etc.) as well as advancing processes related to writing and reading at an early age. Now, this is not bad! But many times the decision is made by the parents without the consent of the children and that is where the HEART enters into play. Your children will surely follow the path you design for them, as they trust their caring figures but did you take into consideration:

Were they involved in the decision?

Do you really enjoy it?

Where was your voice?

Where is your criteria?

With this reflection, I invite you to always keep in mind the opinion, emotion and feeling of our son or daughter, so that he / she can achieve CONNECTION with the learning and this can be achieved more quickly. Anticipate it, involve it and guide it to achieve success on its own!

That is why, having these two components present, such as MIND & SOUL, you, my dear reader, understand the importance of having both of them on your hand. We can not take one without the other’s company!

“When it comes to love, trial-error, attitude, patience and tolerance, any change can positively influence their integral development.”

Taking into account this reflection, I consider it important to highlight the importance of a good family life. That is, create family spaces where you can live in company, achieved through interaction in a peaceful, harmonious, cordial and serenity amongst the members of the home. Remember: proper coexistence translates to tolerance, respect, solidarity, security, trust, kindness and courtesy.

From early childhood we must work equitably (parents and institution) to ensure the welfare of the child as we are able to unlearn traditional behaviors to learn new, to be able to self-assess to measure progress in parenting patterns as well as educate yourself and educate yourself not to leave aside the fast pace that the world leads and, on the contrary, to be conscious of the importance of raising happy and emotionally stable children.


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