Let’s be Happy!

On March 20, the world happiness day was celebrated.


Since 2012, the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 recognizes the important role that happiness plays in the lives of people around the world, which is why this Organization declared March 20 as the International Day of Happiness.


Regarding happiness, a very common question that we humans ask ourselves and in which we almost never find an answer is whether happiness really exists and if human beings can achieve happiness.


What is happiness?

Happiness is an emotional state that we acquire when we have inner peace combined with a personal satisfaction. In that sense, happiness is an internal sensation that depends on our emotional state. From my personal perspective, happiness does exist, but to be able to enjoy it we need to take into account certain aspects:


1) Happiness is momentary, that is, it is a one-time sensation as well as success. Many times, we tend to think that happiness is far away from us because we are not happy all the time, sometimes envying the other’s life because we believe that some people have a happy life without knowing that no person is completely happy 24/7. We must understand that happiness is a sensation of the specific moment and it is not permanent.  

2) To be happy we must always fight for our goals and not for the other’s objectives. We must fight to be happy. Finding personal satisfaction means achieving in our lives what we propose to accomplish and in order to achieve this we must be disciplined and not fall into the mistake of fighting for the goals of others.

3) To be happy we must love what we do. Every morning when we get up we must ask ourselves if we are happy with what we will do in the day, that is, with our work and with our studies. Being happy means enjoying every moment of our lives, so it is essential that we ask ourselves if we are happy with our jobs and if the answer is no, it is definitely best to rethink if that is the path we want to continue to follow.

4) Happiness is the key to success and not thinking that success is the key to happiness.

5) To be happy you have to enjoy the present, learn from the past and stop stressing for the future. Not to live in the present and always be worried about what will happen in the future is to fall into an anxiety that hinders our happiness, we must understand that the future will come and although we must work for it, this cannot become an obstacle in our lives. Likewise, we should not be frustrated by the past but learn from it so as not to make the same mistakes once again.

6) Always be surrounded with positive people and stay away from negative people. Happiness is contagious, one must always be with people who encourage you to be happy avoiding people who envy you your best moments. It is important to know also that there are toxic people to whom we must prohibit entry into our lives because they complain all the time and thus hinder our happiness.

7) We must learn to give without expecting anything in return. When we get used to giving without expecting anything in exchange for the other person we achieve two important aspects: 1) Have a noble spirit that allows us to reach happiness faster. 2) Avoid frustrations that are the product of waiting for something to arrive when we expect to receive something in return.

Happiness is a set of aspects that we must work on in our lives remembering that without a doubt being happy is living on our own terms. In this era where we celebrate happiness we must ask ourselves: are we working in our lives to achieve happiness?



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