Love: the most important thing

When I started writing this article, many ideas on possible topics invaded me. I thought, for example, of writing about resistance and inherited ability to eliminate the stress hormone (cortisol) from the body. I also contemplated addressing the ruthless competition that the new generations face, and the consequent pressure that parents and teachers exert on our children to become winners. And at the same time, I was surrounded by the idea of ​​promote “here” values ​​such as solidarity, compassion, respect for others … But inevitably, everything led me to a greater theme: LOVE

Yes, love became the great point of confluence: To be resilient (the ability of the human being to adapt positively and overcome adverse situations), to be competitive (from becoming our best version), and be supportive, compassionate, and respectful of our fellow man, love is essential. Love as saving and transforming energy. Love as will. Love as inspiration. Love as a motive, and as the end. Love as force, as the “engine” that moves the world.


Isn’t cheesy to guarantee that love is the reason for everything. And when I’m refering about love, I do not limit myself exclusively to romantic love. Love has so many facets and expresses itself in so many ways that we can identify it with our dreams, passions and fans, with everything that we have a meaning for us.

But how to cultivate love in every aspect of our life? How to be considered of its extraordinary power? I think, feel and believe that the first step to conquer the greatest love of all, that is the love of ourselves, to the extent that to love ourselves is to love and honor our creator, is to begin by knowing ourselves, really being one of our virtues and strengths, and put all that unique and wonderful that we are, at the service of others, for the good of the world. Only that sometimes we are so lost in our own essence, that we seek love outside, and even strive to give it to others without stopping to think that the expansive force of love is only activated when we discover it within ourselves.


At home, at school, at university they teach us many valuable things, but they do not teach us perhaps the most important: to love us. They do not teach us that self-love can fix what others have broken, who loves himself has never been sent assaulted by the alleged offenses of others, nor will he apologize or get involved in conflicts for gaining attention or being right.

It is worth noting that whoever loves himself in a genuine and healthy way, will never experience jealousy, or envy for the success of others, because he will feel in control of his life and with full capacity to conquer his own dreams. Whoever loves himself will always know how to value the love of those around him and will return that love more than anything, through his talents, his virtues and especially his actions.

Learning to love us can then be assimilated as the right path to happiness, to a life full of meaning, with the conviction that loving each day a little more than the previous one, is the greatest purpose of all, and the action that will inevitably yield Greater fruits

To love you, only determination is enough to recognize you as that unique, unrepeatable and special being that you are: with the body you have, the defects that mortify you, the virtues that make you shine and the ups and downs, the crises, the disappointments, the failures, the loves and heartbreaks of this adventure, which is your own life.


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