Giancarlo Figueroa’s interview

Do you consider that the learning provided by AIS has contributed to who you are today?


Of course, in fact, a large part of my training I owe to the AIS because It was very broad, with an excellent education, that prepared me to be a competent person. But above all, I highlight learning in terms of values and human quality. I consider that the Altamira College student is a healthy person, full of virtues, and this is mainly due to what the institution promotes, such as the “skills”, the “GLO’s” that also motivate the student to be a good person, with values and that is why we learn. I highlight my academic training and my personal training, the values they instilled in me and the values I learned from the people around me.


In what aspects do you consider that the education we provide as an institution has allowed you to build your life purpose?


The education offered by Altamira school is of very good quality since the student is prepared to study any career. And this is due to the excellent academic training, in the classroom, and the high demand compared to other schools. But it is also due to the extracurricular activities that the school promotes. For example: The United Nations model (AISMUN), public speaking competitions, all these activities that enrich the communicative qualities of the student. That is why I consider that we are very well prepared to study the majority of university degrees. For my part, I was very influenced by the great preparation we have in the area of exact sciences, such as Physics … That is why I decided to study engineering, finally, I chose Civil Engineering. I am very happy to have chosen that career, and I am very grateful to the school because I arrived at the university very well prepared and thanks to that the path was much easier for me.


What messages do you leave for students who are in the last years of school today?


To students who are on the eve of graduation, I leave these three messages:

First, I know that it is a time of uncertainty for many because a new stage in their lives is beginning and this moment generates a little anxiety, but I want them to be calm because the preparation they receive at school is of very good quality and they have to realize that on average you are going to be better prepared than other students. A student with the Altamira school seal, regardless of the university where they go, is respected, recognized as a person prepared at a higher level than others. With that they don’t have to take it for granted, the important thing is how they face this new stage.

The second thing is, have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself because it is what really matters for one to be able to achieve what is proposed, it does not matter if our parents, our loved ones believe in us or not. But we have to believe in what we are capable to do, is undoubtedly the key to be able to achieve everything we set out to do.

Finally, do things with passion and always seek to do them the right way, to do things well. This really makes the road easier, more welcoming, in this new stage of their lives, both in their university career and in their lives. I know that doing things with passion and acting in the right way will help you achieve your goals.


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