Two years ago, when I was in 10th grade, I had my first social class with Mr. Milton Gutierrez. I will never forget that class. Since in it I learned a concept that has marked me since that day and despite being such a simple activity, it definitely contributed a lot to me as a student and as the person I am today. The activity was very simple, we only had to establish the difference between power and authority. If we look at the naked eye we can say that it was going to be very easy to answer, however, it was the opposite, both my classmates and I were full of confusion and did not know what to answer, so much so that we spent the whole hour of class thinking which one it was that concept that made the difference between these two words. The next day when we got to class again, Mr. Milton begins with an explanation where he was finally going to reveal the mystery of the difference between power and authority. In the end, we learned that power and authority are very similar words since both give you the power to exercise a certain action over others, however, these two differ in the fact that authority is something that you as a person earn and the power is something they simply bestow on you.
Over time, I have realized the importance that these two words have in great leaders since a person can easily have power but if the authority is not gained, it will never be taken into account and will simply remain as the person who commands. . That is why as the student representative of this year I consider that this is and will continue to be my greatest challenge, to gain authority in front of the students since from the first day I am elected I have gained power, however, I work day by day to build that authority figure with which the students feel connected and see me more than as the representative of this year, if not as a helping hand, who will always be there to serve, help and represent them in whatever they need.
I once heard “great leaders are those who inspire” and that is definitely my goal where despite whatever circumstances we are currently experiencing, I will always seek to inspire others to be better people and to be convinced of my vision where students will always be the priority. It is definitely a complete challenge to apply for be personero from a virtual modality since, like everyone else, we have had to reinvent ourselves and leave behind that traditional role of the representative who was only in charge of organizing bakes sales, bringing food trucks and buy ping pong tables. This year we seek to create a movement with a vision, where we all understand the importance and privilege of being part of the College and even though there are things with which we do not agree, we should feel proud to be part of it.
This is my vision and that is my goal, to inspire people and despite the fact that my plans often sound very ambitious and far-fetched, we must always set ourselves big goals, to achieve great things and make this period the best it’s ever seen in the Altamira school. I don’t want to pass as a simple representative who did nothing. For this, I am infinitely grateful to my campaign team and all those people who have come together to make each project that we are designing and promoting a reality. I want to invite people to join this project since each one has unique qualities and abilities that could fit into any of the activities because “You are the priority and together we will make a difference.”

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