A letter from your personero 2023-2024

By: Carlos A. personero 2023-2024

Dear Altamira school… dear walls, dear walls that know so much about me, dear students, directives and parents.

Today, I speak to all who listen to me, to all who can see me. I speak to you and it is not to ask, it is not to claim you.

The words that one by one are recited by my lips begin by thanking and end up doing the same.

On this day, I thank each and every one of you, I thank those who trusted in this great project and decided to support this team. From the depths of my being, I say to you, THANK YOU. And is that, this dream that was born seeking to answer the question “what should we improve?” It is beginning to become something tangible, a solution.

Today before you, I pledge to follow the road map that we presented to you during the campaign. I am committed to working for this institution with love, strength and perseverance. It is my duty as new representative, hand in hand with my great friend Santiago and this wonderful STUCO team, to administer in the best way the most valuable resource of this school, its students. This is a new way of doing things, this is the “powershift”



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